Terms of Use

We at paraphrasing-tool.net are completely well-versed in the privacy and data security of our users. Therefore, we have formulated these terms and conditions to better understand the users of this website. We need our users to go through this T&C to build an understanding of how our website functions.


The user needs to accept that we are working as a utility for paraphrasing textual content. You can transform multiple texts by using the tool. You can only use the website according to the law and its provisions. You are not allowed to utilize the website’s service for any activity that goes against the law.

Your information is stored for a limited time period. It is due to the fact that we want the users to download the content.

All the third-party content on the website isn’t the responsibility of our website in any regard. The third-party websites will be responsible for the content they share on our website through ads or links.

We are not responsible for any inappropriate content shared by third-party sources. We can monitor the content at any time, but still, we will not be responsible for any action from their end.

The user needs to accept that the website possesses the right not to modify, create, download, or upload the content.

Uploaded Files

All the content that the user uploads on our server for rephrasing is fully secured. We never share your data with any third-party source. Along with that, your data is not stored on our server. Once you copy the paraphrase text from the website, your submitted text is deleted from our database. User’s data is fully secure with us, and we never compromise on its security. We have a dedicated team to ensure that user’s data is secured and may not get into the hands of any unauthorized source.

All the content, data, and other material uploaded, downloaded, transmitted, transformed, paraphrased, rephrased is the user's sole responsibility. The content may comprise any form, particularly written textual content. You don’t have the right to withdraw the submission. We can limit the use of the website even without notifying the user. If you submit any information for rephrasing that is regarded as personal or confidential information, we will not be responsible for it in any regard.

Limitations of Liability

We have embedded an advanced algorithm for paraphrasing textual content. We assure you that the tool will provide you with accurate results, and there would be no ambiguous rephrasing from our end. The tool may work slow or process the paraphrasing task due to internet connectivity issues. Therefore, if you feel that the tool is working slow, then ensure to check your internet connection.

Variations of Terms

We possess the right to alter or change the terms and conditions at any given time, even before notifying the user. Therefore, it is recommended to check this T&C page frequently before using the tool. You are required to check the terms and conditions page whenever you use the website. In the case of third parties, you are required to check their terms and conditions and privacy policy. Our privacy policy also falls under the umbrella of these terms and conditions.


After agreeing with these terms and conditions, you are in a legal agreement with paraphrasing-tool.net. We are not asking for a subscription plan to subscribe and are not asking the user to pay any amount to use the service. We ensure to provide user-friendly service to our users.

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