Privacy Policy has a strict privacy policy. We in no way compromise on the confidentiality of the user data. We have vowed not to make anything vague in terms of how user’s data is utilized. We’ve adopted a crystal clear approach for handling user data. The privacy policy is formulated for the users so that they can get an idea about how their data is handled from our end.

Data Collection

We collect information from the user end in two different formations.

1. Data for utilizing the service

2. Cumulative data the user is involved with

Our services are exceptional, and for that reason, we use the data to further enhance how the services are utilized. Our team is in continuous movement to improve the quality of the service. The data from the user’s end enables us to know what are the core requirements of the user. Your information is secure on our end and is never shared with any third-party source. However, the data is utilized for delivering optimal and matchless service. Below are different formations, how your data is handled on our end.

We often access the IP address of our users to provide them customized and personalized services by analyzing their online behavioral patterns. It is also used to tackle technical issues that may take place. Along with that, we also access the cookies to know how many times a user has visited our website. Although, the user cannot give access to the cookies by limiting them from browser settings. When we use your IP address, your identity remains anonymous. Your interaction with our website lets us know about the user behavior and online pattern of their search.

Your information and any other data, be it textual or any other, isn’t stored on our server. After the content is paraphrased, it is removed from the server’s database to create a secure virtual environment for the user.

Data Usage

Our website generates revenue on the basis of third-party advertisements. Therefore, we display ads to the users; the online advertisement outlets may use your aggregate or collective information to display relevant ads. The advertisements that are displayed may be of interest to you. Although, is not responsible for how they utilize your information. To browse the internet in a secure environment, you should read their privacy policy by visiting their website. Our website will not be responsible for the loss that may take place for advertisement clicks.

Links to Other Websites

There might be links on the website to other sites. is not responsible for any loss or the consequences of clicking on those links. Any other website or application that falls outside our web domain is in no way linked to us. We will not be responsible for how they collect user data. Therefore, we have confined the privacy policy to our website.

Change in Privacy Policy

We have the right to change the privacy policy at any given time without prior informing the users; for that reason, it is always suggested that you should frequently visit this privacy policy page to know about the changes that may take place.


The website utilizes cookies for delivering custom and user-oriented services, but we’ll not access your device’s core information. The data of cookies are also used to know about the unique visitors that have visited our website. The information is used to know about the impression that is taking place. However, the user possesses the right to limit the cookie data access by a change in the settings from their browser.

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