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Paraphrasing tool allows you to rephrase your articles online. This tool can paraphrase sentences and paragraphs quickly.

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How to Use Paraphrasing Tool?

The use of this tool is quite simple:


Enter the text, Directly upload the File from the device, Dropbox, or Google Drive.


Select the mode of paraphrasing from the given options on this tool.


Click the “Rephrase It” button to initiate the process.


Rephrased file will be ready, Click the “Download” or “Copy to Clipboard” button.

Paraphrase Your Text Online Now – Unique Content

The manual method of paraphrasing a text is a strenuous task, as it requires a lot of effort. Merely changing some words of a text won’t help you achieve this task. This process involves the usage of extraordinary writing skills that helps in rephrasing sentences and phrases while maintaining the context of the passage. If you’re running out of time, then manual paraphrasing is surely not an option you should go for. In manual paraphrasing, you cannot be sure that the text you’ve produced is free of duplication. Getting rid of the nuisance of duplicate content is one of the main reasons behind paraphrasing articles.

So, has developed the best paraphrasing tool online to meet your rephrasing needs. This tool is also known as one of the best sentence changers over the internet. This sentence rephraser allows you to paraphrase the text as you desire, and the whole process only demands a few seconds.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is defined differently by various sources.


As stated by Wikipedia:

Paraphrasing can also be called paraphrasis, and it is defined as the restatement of the meaning of a passage while using other words.


According to Oxford Dictionary:

Paraphrasing is about the alteration of sentence formation by modifying a statement that is written by someone else.


According to

Paraphrasing is the restatement of a text by rewording it to another form for clearness.

Why Use This Paraphrasing Tool?

You can use this paraphrase online tool for various reasons, mentioned below:


Choice of Words

The development of this word changer involves artificial intelligence technology that provides you with content that doesn’t lose its actual meaning. With this online service, you don’t need to scratch your head over selecting the synonyms that best fit your article. This rephrase tool will generate a wide range of word selections as per the context of your uploaded text. You can easily choose the words that you think will work best!


Better Sentence Structure

While paraphrasing manually, you might start converting active voice sentences into passive. This act can badly hurt the readability of your content, and it can also start sounding boring to your audience. This sentence rephraser eliminates this difficulty, as it provides you sentences with better structures. As a result, you can get your hands on engaging and persuasive articles with the help of our paraphrase tool. You can accurately rephrase sentences online as much as you want.


Remove Chances of Plagiarism

When it comes to writing, you cannot overlook plagiarism and continue duplication. Content repetition results in negative consequences mostly. Therefore, while using our paraphrasing tool, you can get a sigh of relief, as this paraphrase tool eradicates all instances of duplication.

Features of Our Free Rephrasing Tool

Our rephrase tool comes with top-notch features which bring ease for the users and allow them to rephrase online their articles without any hassle. Some of the top features offered on our sentence rephraser are as follows.

Multiple Uploading Options

You can upload the text you want to paraphrase with multiple options on this rephrase tool. You can find a text box on our online paraphrasing tool where you can add or copy-paste the text. In case you have a file stored on your device, you can click the upload button to browse your file. This paraphrase tool is also compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox; if your file is stored in cloud storage, you can upload it directly instead of downloading it first on your device.



Our paraphrase tool provides you with three different modes of rephrasing. Let’s discuss what each mode offers!

Freeze Words

Another advanced feature you can find on our online paraphrase tool is freeze words that allow you to fix those words that you wish to remain unchanged during the paraphrasing process. With this feature, you can freeze up to 100 words.

Quick Download

After completing the paraphrasing process through any of the given modes, you can easily download the file on your device. A single click on the download button will save the paraphrased in a matter of instance.

Who Can Use This Paraphrasing Tool?



The institutes can use the paraphrase tool to help students understand the best way of preparing reports, assignments, and other documents in a minimal amount of time without committing the offense of repetition. This rewording tool can offer great assistance to the institutes, as they can clarify and explain the difference between the duplicated and plagiarism-free text to their learners.



The researchers often have to use the data they have found over the web to support their reports. If they replicate the data as it is, it will result in plagiarised content that can hurt their reputation. They can avoid this hassle with the help of this online paraphrasing tool that can remove the instances of duplicate content without affecting the context of the text.



On a regular basis, bloggers are required to create blogs on repetitive topics. When a blogger has written blogs on the same topic hundreds of times, it becomes quite a strenuous job to keep avoiding repetition in every copy. The paraphrasing tool can work as a savior for bloggers, as they can generate as many pieces of content as they desire without any piracy.


SEO Writers

In SEO writing, the content writers have to stay focused on the given instructions and create unique content, as copied content can badly affect the site’s SEO. This rephrasing tool can help SEO writers in producing original content without investing time and effort. The high-quality content rephrased with the paraphrasing tool can help in boosting your site’s SEO performance.



The earnings of freelance writers are dependent upon the number of words they write; the more they write, the more they earn. Writing isn’t an easy job, as it requires an ample amount of time to write a single article. You can save a lot of time by using this paragraph rephrase tool and enjoy a huge amount of earnings.

Key Advantages of Our Paraphrasing Tool


Safe & Secure

The text entered by users on this paraphrase tool is completely safe and secure. Our paraphrasing tool has been designed in such a way that all the users’ data is removed from its databases once the paraphrasing process is completed. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the confidentiality of your files while using this online service.


Our paraphrasing tool has an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t demand you to acquire technical knowledge or skills for using it. By following the straightforward steps, you can paraphrase online in a blink of an eye.



You won’t face any compatibility issues with our online paraphrasing tool. This tool can be accessed through any device, no matter what operating system it’s running on. So whether you have an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac device, you can easily use this text rephraser in a couple of clicks.

High-quality Results

Readability is the most common problem people face with paraphrasing utilities available over the web. However, our word changer tool will not disappoint you with such results. You can get your hands on high-quality results with this paraphrasing tool in your selected mode.




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