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Recommended Tools for Bloggers to Get Help with SEO Content

Bloggers are not writers by birth, as they gradually learn the art of writing through experience. Yet, optimizing the SEO of their blog content is a strenuous and tricky thing to do. They need to account for multiple factors in their blog to evaluate it.

For instance, they might need to automatically proofread their content and find errors and duplications within. Or they might need to quickly rewrite their ordinary written sentences to sprinkle them with a strong vocabulary.

Therefore, some valuable tools are recommended to bloggers that can help them create and optimize their blog content. These online tools are used by expert bloggers to improve the efficiency of their work in less time.

If you want to know more about the recommended tools for bloggers to get help with SEO content, continue reading the article. 

1. Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing is an effective strategy used by bloggers to modify their blog content and present it uniquely. Though the process is time-consuming, a paraphrasing tool is recommended to quickly paraphrase their SEO content. It is designed using modern AI techniques that effectively comprehend the context behind written text and rewrite it differently, with original intent.

The paraphraser changes the words with better alternative words and sentences with improved structure. The paraphrase tool writes a creative version of your blog content, having improved vocabulary and their way of delivery. 

You can improve the writing quality of your SEO blog content with a better choice of words and tone of voice. Additionally, the paraphrasing tool helps you eradicate plagiarism in your content. Copied content that has similar word usage and writing style may result in plagiarism. Altering them with paraphrasing can remove all plagiarized sentences in no time. 

2. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism alone can ruin bloggers’ entire SEO efforts and strategies made to rank their content higher. They must try to keep plagiarism away from their blog content and can gauge it using a plagiarism checker. 

It is capable of identifying all forms of plagiarism in written blogs. It offers notable features to give you a seamless experience during the plagiarism detection process. For instance, the plagiarism checker is multilingual, multiple file supportive, user-friendly, offers to exclude URLs, and provides detailed plagiarism reports. 

The moment you upload/paste your blog, it quickly scans its content and conducts an in-depth analysis of it. Then, it searches all the web pages indexed by search engines to find any similarity. Any matched sentences or phrases are then presented in the plagiarism results along with their web address.  

3. Keyword Rank Checker

To evaluate the productivity of targeted keywords in your SEO content, you should use a Keyword Rank Checker. It is a well-known SEO website that provides accurate keyword rank tracking, detailed backlink research, and in-depth website audits. 

Its intuitive user interface allows users to quickly investigate the page performance based on specific keywords. All you need to do is specify the domain, mention the search engine, choose a device, enter keywords, and also mention the competitor domain. 

If you don’t want to enter all this information, it also has the option to paste the URL and check the keyword ranking. It then accesses your keywords’ performance and gives detailed results, including the keyword position, its previous position, search volume, page URL, and number of results. 

4. Sentence Checker

To present their blog in flawless writing, bloggers need to proofread it multiple times and look out for any grammar mistakes or typo errors. As these mistakes can easily be overlooked through self-made analysis, it is recommended for bloggers to use Sentence Checker. It can precisely detect any grammar law avoided or not followed in your content.

The sentence checker highlights the phrases or words that have wrong spelling, punctuation, or grammar in them. In addition, it also gives suggestions on how to correct all of your grammatical mistakes and typo errors. 

It rectifies grammar errors to make your blog exclusive and error-free in more than 30 languages. That’s not all. It also rectifies readability issues and suggests sentences with improved readability. Therefore, if you want your blogs to be free from any syntax or grammar errors, this online grammar check is best for you. 


Creating SEO-optimized content for blogging sites might be tough and time-consuming, but not with some powerful tools. The article above mentions credible online tools to get their work done efficiently. For instance, paraphrasing can help them modify their blog content with improved structure and wording. They can also evade plagiarism instances by precisely identifying with a plagiarism detector. Moreover, if they want to evaluate how their targeted keywords are performing in SERPs, the keyword rank checker is an unavoidable tool.

Paraphrasing Tool is focused to provide a text rewriting service with instant results and an advanced user interface.
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